Dog Powered
Serious  Dogpowered  Scooter
(for single strong fast puller or multiple dogs on street AND dirt)

Model: My Design Scooter

Price:$765 (shipping is extra)
Color is usually black

Dog Pulling System for it is $200 per dog
Color: Black

Features: disc brakes, stronger frame (max. 325 lb. rider), longer wheelbase, wider 20" dia. tires with a fairly aggressive tread for dirt and street.
Frame made in the USA.

As all the scooters I sell- its ergonomic for kicking AND adequate ground clearance for moderate off road use.

As with all 2 dog systems you get BOTH options-
of the dogs on opposite sides (best beginner setup since its so stable but wider) AND you get the dogs both on the right side (in-line/tandem) which is more advanced riding but stays narrow for busy sidewalks or single track dirt trails. 

Adjustible width outrigger bar (extra $30) fits all dogs- thus it lets you go wider or narrower than the standard fixed width bar (designed for 70-110 lb dogs) and narrower is better for busy sidewalks or single track trails.

Recreational Dogpowered Scooter
(for street and easy dirt with one dog or 2 average drive small/medium sized dogs)

Model: Willy (good quality Taiwan)
Price: $379 (comes from my suppliers warehouse in NY and includes shipping)
Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Grass Green

Dog Pulling System for it is $250 ($18 extra shipping east of the rockies)

Features: V-brakes (standard bicycle brakes) light frame (max. 250 lb. rider), shorter but adequate wheelbase, street tread 20" dia. tires which roll with little resistance, and fenders.
Ergonomic for kicking with adequate ground clearance for easy off road.

- extra extension bar to move the dog back 2 ft. and open up the right side of the scooter to kicking (for dogs that are not pullers).  $25 and shipping is extra IF not purchased with scooter.
- tire upgrade to the same tires that are on "My Scooter" Design. They are the Kenda K-Rad 2.0" wide with a fairly aggressive tread for offroad which works fine on pavement also.
$24 ea. tire (with shipping extra IF not purchased with scooter)

Adjustible width outrigger bar ($30 extra) recommended for dogs under 70 lbs inorder to set the bar width to only what you need- keeping the whole rig as narrow as possible
Bolt-on Dog Pulling System for the Recumbent "Tadpole" (2 wheels in front) Trikes
(great fun and totally stable, limited to pavement or VERY smooth packed dirt) wider tires recommended.

Mounting system fits just that specific model of trike- then the post, outrigger bar and harness is standard.

$250 (shipping is extra) per dog pulling system IF its one of the trikes I have fit before.

Two dogs are max. for the trikes.

Custom fit for trikes I have not fit may be more expensive.

Features: These  trikes have sports-car-type handling with powerful steering and braking (disc brakes on the front) and fun to ride without dogs too.
I do not sell the trikes- you must get them on your own- but let me know which trike you are interested in BEFORE you buy it.

 Custom Bolt-On Dog Pulling System for Scooters I DON'T sell
I can usually fit most any scooter IF i can get photos and some measurements.
There is a fee if $25 (on top of the normal $250) for any custom fit if it is easy. More complicated fitting is more. And shipping is extra.

Order From Dog Powered Scooter Today!

To Order: First Decide What Your Order is ! 

1- Choose pulling system configuration (1 Dog, 1 Dog+ Extension, 2 Dog, or 3 Dog) and specify with Willy scooter (and color), or My Design scooter or without scooter.        
2- Supply dog measurements for included nylon harness.
    Measurements Need:
    -Fairly Accurate Height- from Withers (top of back/behind neck/above shoulders) to ground.
- Approx. Dog Weight
    - Dog Breed

    Harnesses are adjustible on every strap- and made with extra webbing length thus after you adjust it at home, you leave the appropriate tail at each buckle/slider, then cut off any excess and melt/seal the edge from fraying. 

3- Choose payment method: 
- guaranteed/certified/bank check or money order (made out to Mark Schuette) via snail mail 
- credit/debit card payment via (3 1/2% Paypal fee) I email you a PayPal invoice.
4- Supply shipping Information: full name, address (specify residence or business - no P.O. Boxes) and daytime phone number

5- Then CONTACT ME for further questions and or for the detailed PayPal Invoice (sent by e-mail).
     Mark Schuette at  541-699-2509 or

The scooter will come from me or my Willy scooter distributor's warehouse in Buffalo, NY.  My dog pulling system will come from me here in Bend, OR. There is some assembly of the scooter (I send instructions in my dog system box- but you can download a copy if the scooter gets there first) Assembly is easy if you know bicycles (the most challenging part is the brakes) but any bike s
hop can assemble it in Approx. 30 Minutes of labor. My dog pulling system bolts on easily by anyone handy with basic tools.

Return Policy

Any return must be made within 30 days.  Refunds will exclude the original shipping expense.

AND there is a $40 unpacking, examination and re-stocking fee.

Products will need to be returned in New Condition, otherwise refund will be less based on wear & tear.

Purchasers are responsible for the dis-assembly, re-packaging, and shipping back to me safely.