Welcome to: the Original and Best

Dog Powered Scooters 
& Dog Powered Trikes

Making dog mushing accessible to everyone !

Offering precision steering control and excellent dog control.

Virtually no commands or dog training needed

Much safer than using a bicycle or
any "dog out front on a single line"
system- with no more pull needed
than these high drive dogs pull on a leash

A Practical Urban Mushing Sport!

Welcome to Dog Powered Scooter!

We are different here and unsatisfied with the traditional way we road work and mush our dogs. We want more safety, steering control over the dog and better dog control. We want the system to be user friendly, thus easy and quick to hook up the dog/dogs, we are not interested in lots of dog training, and we want to use the system right from our homes and not have to drive out of town. And we wanted a system that most every one can use. We've achieved these goals and more- dog powered mobility has become a practical reality.

Check out the new "Fat Tire" scooter coming out mid-November ! 
First prototype

Final Prototype

Start Small Think Big by CNN

Pittie Powered Fun


We offer 4 products:  for prices see Sales page

1  "Serious"  Dogpowered Scooter (of my design made in the USA) for pavement AND off road - best for multiple strong pulling dogs or one super strong pulling dog.

2  "Recreational"  Dogpowered Scooter for pavement or mild off road-  for single dog and
ok for 2 average drive medium size dogs

 3  "Bolt on" Dog Pulling System for the recumbent "tadpole" (2 wheels in front) trikes

       4  "Custom Fit" Bolt-on Dog Pulling Systems
for other brands and models of scooters

Appropriate dogs for these systems are:

- Young or middleaged dogs
- At least 35 lbs for single dogs and at least 20 lbs. each  for multiple dogs
- High Drive. Athletic, Runners, Pullers,  NOT RECOMMENDED FOR SPOOKY DOGS
- Reactive or even aggressive since the dog control is excellent but they can also run! 
- Dogs that cannot be let off leash
Blind and or Deaf Dogs- finally they can go full blast !

Over 2000 sold since i started back in 2005, with no injuries to dog or rider reported ! 
 Urban dog mushing is a serious sport where safety for dog and rider is the first priority.   When starting out with a new dog, it is recommended you wear a helmet, gloves, and sturdy shoes.
Some dogs are spooked by the side to side restriction but most will "get it" in 1-3 sessions. AND you can prepare your dog early by hooking them up to things (like a kids wagon, an old tire, a concrete block or even a gallon jug of water), and under your supervision, pull that around the yard. 

Rider/dog weight ratio, outdoor temperature, water availability and extent of time on hard surface, are just some of the factors to consider. See our Safety Page for more details.

Only conscientious and caring dog owners need apply.

These rigs are NOT the only way to exercise your dog/dogs, just one great way and part of the mix.
Please consider INVESTING and joining the team IF you have valuable resources.
This product deserves to have a world wide distribution -  its more than urban mushing.
See contact info. below.