Safe, excellent steering and dog control, no commands needed


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We are different here, and unsatisfied with the traditional way of doing things. We want more safety, steering control, and more dog control. We want the system to be user friendly and quick to setup and break down with the dogs. We are not interested in a lot of dog training  and yelling of commands. We want a practical system we can use from our homes every day and not have to drive  a distance to avoid user conflicts. We also want everyone in the household to be able to ride! We have achieved these goals and more- the system has become more than just dog mushing - its dog powered mobility!


-The excellent stability of the low center of gravity scooter is enhanced even more by adding the dog/dogs.  The 2 point clipin has the dog resisting any overlean. For example when you step off the scooter you can let it go- the dog/dogs will hold it up close to vertical.

- That clipin also only lets the dog go forward, they cannot turn to pull you over to the side in a chase, etc.

- That short clipin also allows you to feel everything the dog is doing and the dog can see and feel what the rider is doing. It also supports the dog side to side (so they cannot contact the sides of the bar), and it even supports them vertically in case of a rare stumble. The dog can relax with no worries/stress and concentrate/enjoy on just going!

-There is no long lines to get tangled up in the dogs, the rider or bystanders.  The dogs cannot get to eachother. 

-The dogs are  BEHIND the steering wheel which gives the rider precision steering control over them.

-There is virtually no dog training or yelling of commands involved since the dogs have nothing to do with the steering. 

-Its quite easy to see the FRONT of the first dog, and to turn your head to look at the rear dogs. You also can get a rear view mirror for the handlebars if you want to easily see the rear dogs. BUT the rigging is so reliable/durable that you rarely need to look back.

-The dog can sit and even ly down (if all on the same side of the scooter) while still clipped in.

- Clipin and out is quick and reliable

- The harness is made specifically for this application with every strap adjustible and re-buildable.

- The rigging is very reliable and also offers a shock absorption feature to minimize any jerking on the dogs structure  or on the scooter handling.

-The system is height adjustible and width adjustible (if you get the upgrade to the adjustible width outrigger bar)

-the USA built scooter can easily handle 1-3 dogs and up to 4 if they are small.

-And of course the rider can help the dogs as any point  by kicking.

- Braking is  effective since they are strong and the dogs feel the pullback of the harness and soon cooperate. and when you want to pick up the pace you just take a couple of kicks (which the dog can see and feel)

-There is just enough slack in the rigging to lean into a fairly sharp turn.

- There is always a wheelcover to keep any dog parts from getting into the spokes. With over 2000 units sold i have never had a report of any injury to do or rider!

-outrigger bar does rotate back if you hit anything solid.  And it also rotates in parallel or pops off the post with a quick release. It also functions as a huge kickstand when the scooter is not in use.

Appropriate Dogs/Cautions

-This really is just for the high dogs that are runners/PULLERS- then its fantastic. If not and the rider has to do a lot of the work by kicking, i find it doesn't get used much .

- You will notice that these system are all attached to human powered vehicles, thus the rider can do any and all the work at any point. Thus the dogs weight is not as important as the dogs drive to go and pull. But in general with an adult rider a single dog should be a minumum of about 40 lbs, but multiple dogs can be as small as 20 lbs.  AND with a child as the rider a single dog CAN be about 20 lbs.! So common sense is the rule.

- The system can be initially spooky for the shy/introverted dogs who have never been hook up top things and pulled before. But the confident pullers usually get it in the first 20 min. session, then get more comfortable each time out.  And in 4-5 sessions are very comfortable. And you can prep the dog before the system actually arrives.

- The rider does need to have basic bicycle riding skills.  The dog always keys off of the riders skill and confidence in the scooter. This is much easier/safer than using a bicycle with dogs.

-In most flat situations the rider should not be more than 150 lbs in weight more than the dog if you expect the dog to do most of the work.  Multiple small dogs can add up to this weight recommendation.

-Never hook more than one  "trainee" dog into the system at one time. and its best to find a helper during that first critical session. 

-Not for use with dogs over 9 yrs of age or dogs with physical limitations.

-Appropriate for Blind and or Deaf dogs IF they are want to goooo!

-Can be very useful for some aggressive dogs since the dog control is so good- it allows them to release energy.

-Dog mushing is a serious sport where the safety of dog and rider is first priority. When starting out a bike helmet, gloves and sturdy shoes are recommended.

-Only responsible, loving owners need apply for this product!  We cannot have the  reputation of this great design damaged by unethical owners.

Appropriate Use

This system is very versitile- it can go most anywhere .  Non-abrasive pavement right downtown on busy sidewalks (inline configuration if for 2 dogs) even inside a building.  AND offroad on the moderate hiking/biking trails (again inline config. if for 2 dogs)

-Kids as young as 9 yrs of age can ride this with the appropriate experienced dog. Its great for older folks with athletic dogs.

-Can be appropriate for reactive/aggressive dogs since the dog control is excellent


This product has worlwide interest/demand that deserves to be met. So if you have valuable resources that can help achieve this goal please contact me. Be a partner in one of the most fun/rewarding businesses!