Portland, OR. Pointer Power

Bend, OR. early days

Doberman- outrigger bar set too low

Aussies doing an easy obstical course

Bob (the dog) rocks on his scooter

Check out this great video

Sally riding the Samoyeds

Janell and Duke the Husky


Utah 2 dog on custom fit scooter

Road work w/ 2- 2 dog systems

Tony the Am. Bulldog locamotive in Bend, OR.

CNN news item- Portland, OR.

First 4 Dogpowered Trike w/ all first time dogs- Bend, OR.

Roadwork 2 dog

video compilation

2 Dog Triking -sideways-- sorry

Bob rockin on the scooter again

Willie on the scooter and trike

Venice Beach, LA- early days

2 Dog Scootering w/ big and small dog