Its a 2 point clip in that only lets the dog go forward, They cannot turn  to apply a side load and affecting the handling. IF they do try to chase something you will get a shot of forward energy which is controllable witht he steerign and braking. That 2 point clipin also allows the dog to support the scooter vertically, thus ADDING stability to the already low center of gravity easy to ride scooter.

It has spring loaded shock absorbing rigging that is bomber reliable.

The system is height adjustible and width adjustible with the upgrade to the adj. width outrigger bar (shown)

the harness is also specifically designed for this system- no other harness works or is recommend for this system.

the webbing is mostly 2" wide nylon with every strap adjustible and rebuildable- no sewing is necessary.

the system as a whole is very reliable, safe and easy to use.

the tubing is 1 1/4" dia thin wall steel tubing and is very stiff/strong.



Because the dog /dogs are BEHIND the steering wheel  (thus the dog has nothing to do with the steering) and they can only go forward, the rider has precision steering control over the dog with no comands/training needed. Thus it allows yoiu to go most anywhere- on busy sidewalks (dogs inline) on single track off road trails and even inside a building. The versatility is unrivaled.

Safety is also a strong point- with over 2000 sold now- I have never gotten a report of any injury to do or rider. no bicycle/dog system or any dog out front on lines system of mushing can say that.

The ride is smooth and quiet. You just have to bend your knees for shock absorption if your on a bumpy surface. But your mainly looking for realativly smooth/packed surfaces to ride on. The new "Fat Tire" can do much more off road and extreme conditions.

I do recommend place the dog  system on the right side of the scooter so that they are away from oncomming traffic on a sidewalk and away from cars on a bike lane.

You can actually kick with either foot even though you are limited to the left side for kicking.  The inside/right foot comes in handy to relieve the main left foot and actually is more effective when going up hills since you can get more weight/power down to the ground with it.

The dog can sit (no matter which position the dogs are in) and ly down while still hooked in IF they are all on the same side.


Appropriate dogs and some safety info.

This system is really just for the high drive runners/pullers. Then the system is fantastic!  But if the rider has to help a lot via kicking then i find it doesn't get used much. 

AND you do need to have basic bicycle riding skills- but this is much easier to ride than a bicycle with a dog!

 The 2 point clipin and being close to the scooter  can be spooky for some dogs, usually the shy, introverted dogs that have never been hooked up to things before and pulled. So please do some testing to see IF your dog can deal with the initial restriction and IF they are pullers.  IF they pull consistantly and with force on a leash they probably are good candidates.

  Even some pullers who are Aggressive and or Blind or Deaf dogs also are good candidates since the dog control is so good- they can only go forward and are supported side to side and vertically. 

 Dogs over 8 yrs of age, those with physical limitations and or under 20 lbs. may not be appropriate.

 Never use the system without the wheelcover!  And check with me to make sure the rigging is setup properly. Instructions are sent with the package.

 The first session is the most critical since the dog can be afraid of being so close and attached to this new mechanism.  BUT again there is prep you can do before the system arrives. I can list that in our discussions. So its best to have a spotter/helper there at that first session. Once the dog is walking/trotting in the system you are done with any "training" they just get more comfortable each time out.         There are no commands needed since the dog has nothing to do with the steering (but you can add communication mainly to be polite and prep the dog of your intentions). They can feel (thru the short rigging) everything the rider is doing and you can feel what the dog is doing.